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Georgia Prep Academy Academic Department Mission:

The mission of the Georgia Prep Sports Academy’s academic department is to insure that every student-athlete attending Georgia Prep Sports Academy receives a quality education that will allow him or her opportunities to pursue future educational goals at higher institutions of learning that best suits their needs.

Georgia Prep Sports Academy Academic Department Focus:

  • Admissions Advisement
  • Registration and Enrollment
  • Screening and Placement
  • Academic Advisement
  • Academic Tracking and Monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Standardized Testing
  • Academic Records
  • Tutorial and Study Hall


Academic Success Formula

The Student will learn to study and master test taking skills before he or she touches a court, field, or track.

  • Georgia Prep Sports Academy provides each student with a Personal Education Plan (PEP) that details a strategic plan for their path to success in the classroom.
  • Georgia Prep Sports Academy will have available Certified Teachers to tutor in any subject area.
  • Georgia Prep Sports Academy requires mandatory study hall attendance and daily education conferences with advisors.
  • Georgia Prep Sports Academy hosts a series of speakers and self improvement classes that will help the student athletes become better rounded people. The classes include: social etiquette, public speaking, money management, anger management, and cultural diversity.


We offer customized academic programs based upon the needs of student-athlete. Each student is Required to participate in academics while participating in our sports programs. We offer on-campus in-classroom and web-based learning environments by fully accredited academic institutions. Our Academic Director works to ensure NCAA compliance & eligibility requirements are met.

Student Life

Students are required to participate in campus activities, work/study programs, or volunteer/community activities as well as attend selected life skills classes which are required for ALL student-athletes.

Code of Conduct

All student athletes agree to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. The full review is part of the orientation but each prospective student-athlete should be well-versed in the content and expectations Georgia Prep Sports Academy will have for each athlete. Click here to review the Lions Code of Conduct.

To learn more about Georgia Prep Sports Academy, contact us at www.georgiaprepsportsacademey.org or 678-663-7514