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Coach Biography: Kwame Crump
Offensive Line Coach/ Recruiter

Coach Crump joins the staff of Georgia Preparatory Sports Academy with multiple years of athletic coaching and mentoring experience in April 2013.

Coach Crump vast experience will propel GPSA to the next level of collegiate football. He is most known for his passion for football and coaching and in both optimist and high school divisions of football.

He is a revolutionary and transformative overall coach. He stresses the fundamentals of athletic sportsmanship and techniques. He brings strength and integrity to the offensive line. He makes it fun for his players, with the intent to get the most out of them.

Coach Crump bring13years of coaching experience to GPSA. He has coached on both the optimistic and high school level.

He began his coaching career as Defensive coordinator and Defensive line coach for 5 years in Pop Warner Youth optimist football league. As rewarding as coaching and mentoring in the optimistic leagues, he opted for a change of direction; this new direction was high school Miami Florida where he coached the offensive line for 2 years before leaving Miami Florida.
In 2006 Coach Crump migrated to Atlanta Georgia where he continued to coach high school football for 6 years. During those 6years, Coach Crump had the opportunity to coach the Offensive line at Cedar Grove High school in Decatur GA, Towers high school in Atlanta GA and MLK high school in Decatur, GA. It was with Martin Luther King High School where he coached for 3 years and helped the MLK Lions win 3 consecutive winning seasons with 3 regional championships.

Coach Crump is a native of Miami Florida graduating from Miami Springs Senior High School in 1992.Doing that time he played offensive,defensive line and fullback. It was there when his passion for football developed. He continued to play football while he attended Iowa Central Community College in Iowa.Coach Crump then transferred to Alabama A&M University in Alabama and continued to excel in football.

Coach Crump’s philosophy “You are either coaching it or allowing it to happen”.

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